Join me this summer for a 3 day Writing Retreat-Workshop in Dunedin, Ontario

Mar 21, 2014

Creativity Art Retreat is thrilled to welcome the Governor General’s Award winning poet, Jacob Scheier for 3 heart filled days of creative writing.

In this creative non-fiction (memoir, personal essay/personal narrative) and poetry workshop, Jacob reveals a range of literary devices and techniques to make your own experiences speak to others.

LFB coverTelling our own stories and hearing the stories of others is a powerful reminder of our collective humanity…

Workshop Schedule:
Our week starts Sunday, June 15 with a 5:00 reception, gourmet dinner and an introductory talk by Jacob.

Please DO NOT come earlier as we will be setting up, unless you are staying on-site, in which case you may access your room at 4:00.
There will be time to set up your space and unpack your materials after the opening dinner.

The workshop runs Monday through Tuesday, 9:00 to 4:00, and Wednesday 9:00 to 2:00 with delicious snacks and lunches provided. An hour of yoga follows each workshop day. We have a limited number of yoga mats to share, so please bring your own mat if you have one.

The workshop ends Wednesday, June 18 after a late lunch and wrap up.


CREATIVITY ART RETREAT is located in DUNEDIN, Ontario, just 7 km west of Creemore, on the banks of the Noisy River, snuggled amongst purple hills in a quiet little hamlet. The perfect place to ‘retreat to’.

We’ve been running this Art Retreat since 1996, bringing together some of the most exciting art instructors from across Canada and the States. The Retreat provides an inspiring and safe forum for people to explore and explode their creative juices, be they absolute beginners or experienced artists; and to discover and expand their own individual marks in an atmosphere of community, enthusiasm and learning.

Workshops take place in both our wide-open and spacious north-facing studio and in our gallery space, on the banks of the Noisy River, amidst the purple hills of Dunedin.  Our workshops are for everyone – beginners through advanced – with a wide range of drawing and painting, writing and journaling workshops.

zoja workshops

Relax; curl up with art books, conversation and sharing.

This year, once again, we have an exciting selection of highly-acclaimed, award-winning instructors who are committed to helping participants make their personal creative journeys to find their very own creative marks.

Delicious gourmet lunches, dinners and snacks with the freshest of foods, purchased locally, often at Creemore’s summer farmer market, served on site, either at the Art Retreat or next door on the deck of the River House, and created beautifully by one of our fabulous local chefs.


We serve wine at our opening and closing gourmet celebration dinners at each workshop. Participants are invited to bring their own wine for the rest of the week, if they wish.

More info here


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